Annual health screenings: Key to better health.

Annual health screenings: Key to better health.
Annual health screenings: Key to better health.
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Annual health screenings: Key to better health.

Annual health screening is a way that helps you to know about your overall health condition and unknowing diseases that you can prevent before it turns into a serious condition. Commonly, most of the diseases fail to grab the potential attention of the patient but the irony of the fact is later on those diseases can become an iceberg. But, no need to be worried. Because If you are the person who does your annual health screenings properly then, of course, you are serious about your health and I bet you believe that it is the key to better health. After all, you cannot ignore the proverb “Health is wealth”.

Why are annual health screenings the key to better health?

To get a healthy body the greatness of an annual screening cannot be denied. Perhaps you are not a doctor-friendly person, but to lead a healthy life full body checkup is very vital. You won’t be able to know what is happening to your body without a health check-up. Sometimes few diseases do not show their symptoms earlier, in that case, annual health screenings are beneficial.

Moreover, if you do not have any major health issues then still annual health screenings are fundamental because why would you wait to be sick? And, rush to the doctor at the last moment. Better consult your doctors as early as possible to know about your current health status. In case any bad things happen, at least you become aware of the upcoming problem.

Way of doing proper annual health screenings 

As you are going to do a checkup annually, deciding a proper date for consulting is significant. Moreover, this is a costly process so check your health insurance policy before going. To know better about your health ask your doctor what checkups are most important for you. If you want to know about proper annual health screenings then first of all do not rush to different doctors every year, and it’s better to choose a trustworthy hospital for the screening. In this case, a family doctor could be the safest option. But it’s not enough, In this situation a few more precautions you can attempt-

  • Do not choose a conflicting date for consultation 
  • Take suitable health insurance for you
  • Choose a professional doctor all the time
  • Do not change your doctor randomly/yearly
  • To cut the expenses do not go to the too cheap hospital
  • In case of a new doctor or hospital check others’ reviews.

Things need to be remembered in the Covid situation 

An annual health screening is of course valuable for the person who has already fixed the schedule of the consultation. Because of the gloomy Covid situation, you may be planning to cancel your appointment but I believe ignoring a health checkup is not an ideal decision for a health-conscious person.

So, to continue your annual home screening in this situation extra Safety has been required but cancellation is not an option. Of course, going to a hospital in Corona pandemics is risky but taking care of your health safety can be a lifesaver for you. As you know prevention is better than cure.

  • Put on mask
  • Don’t bring your Kid with you 
  • Keep potential distance 
  • If you are too chatty with other patients, then please put a full stop to it.
  • Tell your doctor to avoid calling unnecessary staff while you are in the chamber.
  • Avoid weekends to fit your schedule 

Important organ for Checkup 

What do you understand about important organs?  There is no specific answer because the whole body is important to us. As a result, to get a better body, extraordinary service is not something to be exaggerated. And that service is called annual health screenings. As you know annual health screenings are the key to getting a healthy body, so there is no alternative to ignoring this.

To know the condition of your organs like the eye, heart, kidneys, lungs should be your priority. Moreover, when you visit your doctor tell him about your current health condition and sufferings. So that he can guess and check up more according to your statements. Besides, do not forget to check your blood pressure, diabetics, cholesterol levels, weight, and height. Here are a few more things for you to remember.

  • Review your prescriptions from your doctor 
  • Do not forget to tell about your mental condition to your doctor 
  • Feel free to discuss your anxiety and depression 
  • Ask your next step and lifestyle changes  to the doctor 
  • Ask about your overall health condition 
  • Tell him about any symptoms that are not shown in the report 

Annual health screenings for Men 

Annual health screenings depend on age, gender, family history, and many more things. In this case, an annual health screening is different for a woman or a child. Men are mainly counted from age 30-64. Annual health screenings after 50 become more crucial. Between this age, they mainly need diabetes, blood pressure, dental, immunization, cancer, osteoporosis, eye screening, etc.

To get better health at this stage of age a man should be more concerned. Even if they face any problems in this area they should contact their doctor immediately rather than waiting for an annual screening. Annual screening is a way to know your current body condition but it does not mean that you will depend on only annual health screenings.

Annual health screenings

Annual health screenings

  • If your insulin level is more than 8 then contact your doctor 
  • If your BP level is 130/80 then it is alarming 
  • Feeling pain in any of your teeth?  Contact your doctor 
  • Give an eye exam Whenever you feel the necessity 
  • Feeling pain in bone? may be osteoporosis is knocking
  • Can you not recover from illness soon? Do check your immunology.

Annual health screenings for women 

Though the women screening sectors are quite different from the men the age boundary is the same and it is 30-64. Women’s screening process is different because of their height, weight, and body structures. Women mainly face problems because of being overweight. So checking BMI and weight is very essential for every woman.

Moreover, blood pressure, diabetes, eye, dental, cholesterol screening is as mandatory as men. Breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, pap smears are also included in a woman’s annual health screenings. Here are a few symptoms that you may be concerned about while you are doing your annual health screenings as a woman.

  • Do your mammogram when you feel pain or itching or notice any suspicious things 
  • Do a pap smear if you feel uncomfortable with your uterus 
  • If you have a family history, do your colon cancer screening.
  • If you do smoking do not forget to do lung cancer screening as well
  • Do checkups for any kind of skin disease as well while you meet annually with Your doctor. 

Annual health screenings for aged and children 

Old (aged) people and children both are the most sensitive, in the case of annual screening, because they both can become sick at any time, as an example, their immunity systems are not so strong so they can be infected by any flu or viral fever very easily, in this situation waiting for only an annual checkup will can be dangerous for them. Now come to the point: who is an old man and who is a child? You can consider a person who is more than 65 years, as an old person, on the other hand, Children are considered 0-18 years old. Here as you can see their age numbers are also sensitive to their health. So they both required special treatment.

So first of all, if I talk about Old people, then I must say they need extra medication. Besides blood pressure, hemoglobin and lipids of their blood are also necessary to check. Their doctor should make sure that they have taken the necessary vaccines or not. On the other hand oral health, eyesight, ear tests are also three important periodontal text, eye exam, and hearing exam are also important. Here few things need to be concerned

  • For an old person, vitamin intake is important 
  • A bone density checkup is also required
  • Hair and skin evaluation is potential 
  • The doctor should suggest  dialysis and nebulizer if needed
  • The doctor should be declared annual health screenings  mandatory for them

Alongside, in the second portion, if we discuss Children, then they are also as sensitive as the old ones. For a child, his or her growth should be a major concern in annual screening. Their immunity system, physical activities also can not be avoided. In Annual health, screening doctors have to check their food habits and behavior. How much he or she improved in a year. Moreover, If a doctor is dealing with a teenager, an Alcohol test is important, because whether he is an alcoholic or not it also needs to be examined. As in this stage, children are not capable of taking care of themself so their parents should play a significant role in their mental health screening. In annual health screenings, a doctor should be concerned about a few more things.

  • Their growth and height according to ageওষুধ ছাড়াই উচ্চ রক্তচাপ নিয়ন্ত্রণের উপায়।
  • Brain capacity 
  • Mental health
  • Immunity system 
  • Tuberculosis screening 

When it’s needed 

As we are considering annual health screenings as the key to better health, as a result, people can think this is obvious but the truth is only doing annual health screenings cannot make you healthy. If you feel you become unhealthy and weak, your immunity system goes down, and you are going to the doctor more than two or three times a month for various health issues then annual health screenings are needed for you. A few more possibilities may pull you to go to visit your doctors annually.

  • If your diabetic is not in control 
  • Your BP is high or low
  • You are suffering from vitamin K deficiency 
  • If you have hepatitis 
  • You have vitamin D and C deficiency 
  • If an STD checkup becomes necessary for you

When you don’t need

People who are not sick tend to avoid doctors as much as they can if it happens with some people even if they are sick. But few people are fit and healthy or maybe someone who does health screening monthly so he does not need to visit his doctor annually. Moreover, there are a few more reasons that you don’t need an annual health screening.

  • You lead a healthy lifestyle 
  • You eat healthy food
  • If you are physically active
  • You have no sickness symptoms 
  • There are no fatal diseases in your family history 
  • You do a check-up regularly 
  • You are a healthy teenager 

What to do next after the annual health screenings 

After finishing your annual checkup, you have more duties to do. Do not think only annual health screenings is your job, maintaining doctors’ advice and leading a healthy lifestyle is the key step of annual health screenings. It does not matter if you are a man, woman, old person or a teenager, living a healthy life is more important. To gain the key to better health besides maintaining annual health screenings, making healthy habits is also necessary. If you do not follow a healthy lifestyle an annual health screening cannot help you out. Here we have some suggestions for you that you can practice.

  • Eating fresh foods
  • Being vegan in 2days a week
  • Quit smoking and alcohol 
  • Follow the doctor’s advice properly 
  • Review prescriptions when it is necessary 
  • Do not avoid the doctor because of your laziness 
  • Do exercise every day 
  • Encourage your family to do health tasks too.
  • Do not take any medicine on your own decision (Consult Doctors)

To sum up, if you are concerned about your health then you have to believe that annual health screenings are key to good health. Remember in mind, Annual health checkup is an important factor when it comes to taking control of your psychical, mental, and psychological status. To know your body conditions thoroughly, annual health screenings have no alternative. It is said, prevention and early detection are a blessing for healthier and long life. Catching a symptom or a condition early can be treated appropriately and it can prevent future health issues.

Writer: Fazilatun Nesha Tanvi

East West University, Bangladesh

Checked And Edited By: Al-Resalat.

Admin- AspireCot

Disclaimer: Texts and images of this article are for informational purposes only. Do not constitute a medical service or treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician/doctor before taking any medicine and, or treatment.

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