11 Best foods that boost your mood and immune system.

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11 Best foods that boost your mood and immune system.

Food is the first and foremost priority to live. For food people can do anything. On the other hand, food is such a thing which can even boost our mind and mood, both Foods and moods are inter-related. 40% of human mood depends on food habit. We can even make ourselves away from depression by eating the food which boost mood or when we are in DEPRESSION.

There are few hormones in our brain which makes us feel happy by releasing it. We can release these hormones by eating some kind’s food. Some of those are the main hormones are serotonin and dopamine. Dopamine helps the mood to stay and serotonin makes one happy; mainly serotonin is happy hormone. Even without hormone, when there is activeness in body or brain and positive energy in body, we feel happy.

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List of Foods to boost your mood


 We can take oily or fatty fish like Salmon, Tuna, and Trout etc. It contains omega-3 fatty acid which produces energy, brain activeness, and blood circulation. The most significant thing is that it increases the dopamine hormones that make the mood stay happy. It is linked to depression low mood.


Chocolate is such a food which is loved by all sections of people. It is a delightful food. Its known as depression remover. When people are in depression, anxiety or in bad mood they must try dark chocolate. It is healthy. Dark chocolate is good for heart as well as it reduces stress hormone, including cortisol, it has more antioxidants than other. Antioxidant also helps lose weight.


Another delightful food for boosting mood is fruits. There are various kinds of fruits, colorful fruits. Avocado is a good one; it balances natural hormones, ensuring the brain releases the right chemicals to make us feel happy. Good taste bring good mood; for this we have fruits like grapes. Grapes make us feel better. It recharges our feelings, it contains flavonoid, which has been proven to affect mood and reduce depression. It will naturally make our mood and mind good. On the other hand we have strawberries which contain minerals, vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamins fills our mind. It also contains manganese; these nutrients help to increase the happy chemicals in brain or helps to release happy hormones.


Coconut, a tasty and one of the best moods filling food. The water inside the coconut is full of ELECTROLYTES that increase the mood instantly by producing happy hormone. On the other hand coconut meat is also a very good mood booster. The water of coconut gives our body immunity, fullness, and makes our skin smooth, glow and glassy look.


Nuts are another mood booster; it contains a kind of smiling ingredients. Nuts contain healthy fats that make us keep smiling. It contains serotonin, a chemical that makes our body feel good and healthy and lacking of nut’s supply or shortage can create depression or can spoil human mood. We can intake raw nuts, cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts and almond. On the other hand, nuts with milk can ensure sleepy mood for those people who have insomnia.

Sesame seed

Again we have sesame seed. It can improve mood in a short time. The amino acids in sesame seeds raise the level of dopamine in the brain. But many can’t eat this sesame seed. So, they can sprinkle sesame seed into salad and smoothies. It would be better in intake of white sesame seed.


Mushroom, a most popular and very tasty food in the universe. It contains important vitamins such as vitamin-B6 which helps in the production of serotonin and neurotransmitters. This vitamin is associated with positive mood and helps to reduce stress naturally. Those who have allergy to mushroom can avoid it.  It also helps reducing obesity.


Another suggesting fruit is banana. It is a great mood boosting food. Banana is a source of tryptophan which produces serotonin. We can take colorful and good tasteful fruits like watermelon, apple, cherries, mangoes, and pineapples. This would work as great mood booster.

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We must intake carbohydrates like noodles, popcorns etc. for boosting our mood. Carbohydrates ensure a good activeness in body and brain as well as our mood. We can intake some satisfying fatty foods like yoghurt, burger, buttermilk etc. But those must be fresh. Feeling good or good mood comes from a diet that provides adequate amounts of healthy choice of carbohydrate regularly to keep blood glucose levels stable. We can have a good response by taking carbohydrate; we can take chatpati with ghee, lentil with a different taste.


Egg is another mood boosting food for both children and adults. But many of us don’t like eating it by boiling or frying. In these circumstance we can mix-up various items and spices mixed with egg and then we can fry it will be a good mood boosting food.

Tea and OatsBest foods that boost mood and immune system 1

Another two good mood boosting foods are tea and oats. Green tea contains antioxidant and amino acid which helps in good mood and lose weight. Oats is one of the adorable foods for good mood, it is a cereal. Cereals or whole grain cereals contain amino acids which help in boosting mood. While you are in depression or anxiety cereals help a lot to boost your feelings. Cereals like- wheat, lentil works more in boosting moods. We can take rice pudding which will automatically make our mood good. We can take desserts, cakes, pies etc. for boosting our mood.

Butter and Peanuts

Again, sometimes we are in stress or anxiety, and then we can change our mood by taking some light and oily food like peanut, nutrella, butter. These kinds food relaxes us in rich way. So, by in taking them we can relax ourselves and enrich a good mood. Both oily and fatty food helps boosting moods.

Smoking habits

Smoking or taking cigarettes is not foods et-all. Some people think smoking may change their mood if they are in depression. It is totally a wrong concept, because it doesn’t make you feel relaxed rather it makes you addicted to it and you face problems in lungs as it destroys the cilia in our nose and trachea. Taking cigarettes is smoothly making you drug addicted. It increases depression. Depression is like death. So, you as well as we must avoid it and ensure a healthy and balanced food which maintain hygiene and avoid bad effects. We should help others in drug addiction cases.

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Ending Notes

Food can be said as the ultimate source of boosting mood.  Our mood is a hormonal based thing. When the hormones are released in our body our mood becomes good. But it depends how it creates what is the reason or cause of creating these hormones. One of the reason is in-taking some foods. The foods which are discussed in the above discussion can be taken as mood boosting food.

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All in summary in case of fish or non-vegetarian, we can take oily or fatty fish which contains omege-3 fatty acid. In fruits we have to take colorful and good tasting fruit in which avocado is seen as a must mood boosting fruit. We can take fat and carbohydrate oriented foods along with banana. Milk is a great mood boosting food. Oats can also be considered as this kind of food. Nuts, peanuts are also for good mood. Whenever our mood will be spoiled we can take these foods and can ensure a good mood.

Writer: Meherin Mohsin

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  1. Md. Mahmud-Un-Nabi says:

    All are not in perfect situation in most of the time to manage all that food, and it is reality. I saw many people who can only effort themselves for managing food to destroy hunger only.

    • admin says:

      Thanks a lot for your comment.
      Eat as many as you can manage. It doesn’t mean you need to eat all this food. You can add some or deduct some. But you need to be concerned about food habits and nutrients.

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