How to Heal a Broken Heart after breakup?

How to Heal a Broken Heart after breakup 1
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How to Heal a Broken Heart after breakup?

The pains and sorrows after breakup are deadly. When someone breaks our heart then the pain is simply intolerable and incomparable. The pain hurt more when the man/girl remains close after breakup. The mind shut itself. After breakup we think ourselves as a burden of society, family and also we think us as a burden on earth. Life became dull after breakup. It seems that you are going far away from yourself. Everything seems gloomy. Now a days its a question among every people that how to heal a broken heart after breakup.

Though it is very rough and tough to get rid of the situation but to progress in life we need to re-structure ourselves. We need to shed all our emotions and feelings attached to lover/beloved.

Critic says that it takes about four month or more to heal a broken heart after breakup. Healing our broken heart is on our hand, by following some tips we can heal our broken heart.

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The following ways would help you to get rid from the pain of breakup-

Try to forget

Leave the past. Do not ever remember what has happened in the past. Things that happened just let it go. Just make you understand that it was a bubble that has gone. Leave it like a everyday dreams. Just think life is not a bed of roses and remember the glorious days of life. Remembering the past again and again is foolishness and past is like a devil. Past kills feelings. It’s like a slow and sweetest poison in the heart. We cannot change our past or whatever has happened but past is enough to embrace our present and future. We should remember in mind that no one cannot make us cry until we give them the chance to do the so. So, be active and forget the painful days or the days makes us cry and sad.

Help someone else

When I am in pain I try to help people around me. Helping is a noble work. When I help someone I forgot everything about me, it fills me with enjoyment. Helping nature works like a miracle to boost heart. Always try to help. It will heal your broken heart.

Start meditation

Meditation is peace. It is much helpful to get rid of any problems of life. Firstly it seems like a waste of time but utmost it works like investment of time for the heart and life. Meditation doesn’t requires a lot of time, every day it requires few minutes to make your brain work for you. Initially yoga classes could be better solution for meditation. Alone with making your mind relaxed, it will make your body to be free from various illness.

Make a good and bad list

Make a list of your activities. Categorize them into good and bad list. Never go over his/her social (facebook or any other) profile. Don’t look for his/her writings. It will fell you in grief. Delete everything from your message and chat list. Chatting list is one of the major causes we cannot forget the past or our breakup. Make a list what to do and what not to do and follow the list properly. Find out your aim in life and work to reach at the top of your aim.

Rediscover yourself

Do you know yourself? Maybe no, not et-all. So, why you are wasting your time on thinking others activities with you? It’s time to discover yourself. Spent extra tome to know yourself. Just find out your strength and weakness and try to work on them. Make an aim to be a good mad. Think what was your lacking and eradicate lacking and replace it. Never waste your time on thinking of useless breakup. Think positive and develop your mind with positive thinking. Someone has gone from your life is not everything you lost.

Do social activities and be social

Social work or activities makes man social. The time you think about your pain of broken heart in the meantime you will miss most social problems around us. You know proverb “Being social is being spontaneous”. Try to find out the real problems around you and invest your time to for social work. Instead of mourning for your broken heart you can help the poor, can teach poor or orphan children. Always try to focus on social problem and others sorrows and do something noble for the society. Always get yourself connected with the society.

Enjoy life

Life is like a boat in the wind. Don’t leave it as it goes. Always remember in mind that life is so beautiful. So, try to enjoy every moment of life. Do things that you mind wants. Dance, paint, sing, read, draw or anything you want, just enjoy your life. Feeding poor is greatest enjoyment. At your free time always try to feed poor fro free. Life gives us endless ways to enjoy, the thing you need to find out the reason and best utilize them to the fullest. Never leave any room for your past sorrows fill all your heart with enjoyment.

Focus in on body

Did you ever look over your body? Don’t be so busy with your broken heart or I advise you not to waste your time on thinking of your past. Did you ever notice there is a man hiding in your face? Get rid of your pain and useless past. Be a real human, the person who was previously loved by all. Join gym, gym activities will boost your mood and will train your body. Try to take care of your body, everything will be alright. Go ahead, jog regularly in the morning and late afternoon. Date with friends.

Know the world

There are so many people around you apart from the person who broke your heart. Always try to be friendly with the people around. Always remember in mind there are so many people associated with your life, and they care about you, love you and miss you a lot. They are so much concern about your feelings and happiness. Take out more time for the people. Playing boost mood; try to play with friends and do fun with kids. Eat plenty of fruits. Fruits boost mood. There are various foods that boost mood, try to eat them. Go for a walk in the park, talk the people who are alone, try to know their sorrows and pain, give them suggestion. All these will boost you and make you cheerful.

Love again

After a breakup most of us determined to close off our heart so that no one will be able to enter in our heart. It is a great fault after breakup. The one gone, let him/her go. Love again, just fall in love. Love boost mind and enables heart. The more you can love the more your heart will expand itself in the nature. Falling in love will heal your broken heart after breakup.

Life is complex if you make it complex but life is simple and full with enjoyment when you make feel it in a simple and easy way. By following and applying these points in your life may feel make you feel relieved. And these could help you to lead a life that you have always dream of.

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  1. Md. Mahmud-Un-Nabi says:

    After reading all the term I appreciate your expert opinion, but you said about meditation term which knocking my brain seriously. It is biggest chapter of life, which type of meditation you are preferring?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your appreciation.
      Moving meditation works well than sitting meditation. Along with some moving meditation you can practice sitting meditation.
      Here are some…
      -Stretching Meditation
      -Walking Meditation
      -Daily Task Meditation
      New article with description is coming soon. stay connected.
      Admin- AspireCot

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