A healthy lifestyle makes life enormous and full.

Common causes of stress. Why it happens and how to manage it
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A healthy lifestyle makes life enormous and full.

Beginning Notes

Constantly we all are darting for doors to improve our lifestyle, do we know what does it actually mean? Covering the behavioral orientations, interests, and sentiments of an individual, group, or culture is cited as a lifestyle. Typically lifestyle portrays our attitudes, shows our inquisitiveness and on the whole, describes a substantial part of our personal originalities. The term has been stated in many ways by the media, from health to financial it has altered implications throughout many areas of our lives. The key to relishing the life we are bestowed on is living a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle begins with good health so that we can truly live most of our spirits not only our lives but also by helping others have a healthy lifestyle. If we are leading a healthy lifestyle it means that we enjoy a positive outlook about our life, the community, and the world. In the modern world, we are looking for better ways to lead a healthier and happy life. There are thousands of platforms where we are offered plenty of recommendations about how we can turn our unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle, with all these places offering advice it can be conflicting and contradictory at times. Thus looking at such articles is a great place to start with.

In this hectic world, we are repeatedly failing in maintaining a healthy lifestyle which happens to be the core of good health. But, as we know nothing in this world, comes without a solution. There are a few things that will assist us in escalating our lifestyle orientations into a healthier lifestyle, hence helping us to get good health. It basically encompasses all the components of healthy living, eating foods which our bodies find nourishing, exercising the body on a good motive, getting proper and enough sleep, drinking an adequate amount of freshwater etcetera. The most important factor in maintaining a healthy life is self-discipline. This is the biggest contributing facet.

Our diet is what fuels life

Eating healthy is one of the very important things to live a healthy lifestyle because biologically that’s how our bodies function. Constantly eating junk food, alcohol can cause physical deterioration to our body. This wreckage will cause us to have a lack of stamina and thus we will not be able to do the things we want to execute. But it is to be understood that eating healthy food It’s not like being on a  diet we are not counting calories or measuring foods out like that it’s more of giving our body what it needs rather than what we want and it’s not like advocating a permanent diet. There will not remain at any point if we eat healthy foods today and the next day we are having frozen or processed food.

So we have to be determined and conscious.

The body craves exercise

To be physically and mentally active or fit there is no other option but exercise. Along with the fact that it helps to maintain our weight and keep our body in shape, it is one of the most integral parts of a healthy lifestyle. Continuation of exercise can help us strengthen our bodies to fight against different syndromes. Each body part has to be moved on a regular basis, like all of the joints in our body our knees, our elbows, and our hips are designed to move in a certain way pushing or pulling that is moving in all of those joints will keep our body healthy not just the body, our joints and tendons will be healthy if we exercise on a daily basis and they remain healthy your entire life. Rather than looking good in the mirror, we need to keep in mind that staying healthy keeping our weight under control, and exercising our body the way it was designed to move Is the way we can get and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is not about getting into shape for summer or getting six-packs or women getting toned it’s better to have a goal of keeping in shape and building a strong functional and balanced body.

Sleep is a must

Often we ignore the importance of sleep whereas along with nutrition, sleep is very much needed for good health. It can sustain our mind, heart, weight, etc. Different types of problems are faced if an individual doesn’t get proper sleep of 8 hours. Like having a dark circle around our eyes, disturbance in mood, etc. Sleep reduces stress or anxiety, helps us maintain a good weight, has sharp attention, and improves our memory. Along with sleep, it is very important to find and lead a life where there is a proper balance of work and play, if we work too much then our stress levels will be very high and our happiness and health will decline. Only then one can sleep peacefully. Sleeping can be a big help getting us through a rough day as it releases all the stress. Our emotional health plays a big part in a healthy lifestyle. For that avoiding, negative and unfavorable people and situations are highly expected.

Ending Notes

At times we won’t feel like continuing this lifestyle but that is the time when we have to keep ourselves going, motivate ourselves, and conquer the beautiful sentiment of leading a healthy lifestyle. For that the biggest contribution has to be self-discipline, so even when we feel like having ice cream or chocolates or just sitting idle in the house we have the self-discipline to know that doing that will not move us towards our life goal of maintaining a fully functional and strong body. This is a whole process, step by step, and little by little we can get what we want. When we will know that we are one of the very few people who have self-discipline and a healthy lifestyle, this will only make us feel good, our self-esteem and self-image will enhance. And of course, it will occur over time with constant action.  This means getting a healthy and better life mentally and physically all around the year and in the upcoming years for the rest of our life. Thus we can come to the conclusion that a naturally healthy lifestyle can lead to a longer and more productive life.

Writer: Maliha Haque

Edited By: AL-Resalat

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