Let’s have a cigarette to boost thyself.

Let’s have a cigarette to boost thyself.
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Let’s have a cigarette.

                                                                                            Only for smoker friends…

Smoking is not only to make smoke by the igniting a cigarette but having an important philosophical background that is thought among the world wherever a cigarette is ready to burn. As a chain smoker I am here to say something different about cigarette smoking that ever I did not notice. It is not just taking place inside our bodies  and harming our lunges rather it refresh our minds and make us ready to face ever new challenges. And it is the great benefit of having a cigarette and overrated for its present facility to make us awake newly. I am very sorry that I had tried to enhance the logic of continuing smoking and I’ve collected some opinions from people around us normally in public places to keep smoking continue with a strong confidence. After a continuous work or in boring time or in mental tension, a cigarette stands as an essential subject to a smoker. ‘Without cigarette it is incredible to find myself in my life’ it is a strong belief in smokers’ society, even I had to believe and confess that it is true that the logic’s of smoking is really not avoidable.

What do you think about a cigarette when you will hear about a man stopped committing suicide only for having a cigarette before doing it!

Will you avoid it when it says you ‘its all right, everything is okay’ in a silent language. No, you can’t. A smoker can never give up smoking. And astonishingly it has been becoming damn true since the birth/invention of tobacco.

Yes, I got many views from smoker brothers while they were enjoying cigarette and also in philosophical mood. But when I was trying to make them understand the demerits of smoking by showing them medical reports they just had stopped me to explain more. Finally I came to understand that the importance a cigarette is more valuable in psychological satisfaction rather than its physical damaging.

Although lots of logic’s support the smoking cigarette, but is it a good habit really? Is it remained in ethics of a complete human and should we compromise with this habit?

I know sometimes logic’s are very weak to conquer others belief. But when I had asked myself, why I am taking cigarette? What is the reason actually works in my mind? I got one thing friend that it is not a tonic but just a belief that help us to be relaxed or confident. Friends I am here very frankly because I was also a chain smoker like you. So I offer you that one word can change your old habit completely. Just say, ‘thank you’ to your Almighty creator that you are okay. Everything is fine; if not then take a belief in your mind that this bad time is making better future for me. And if you are atheist, then make a confidence that you are okay and everything will be alright.  Following themes can help you if you didn’t get my view about giving up a cigarette.

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  • People who primarily addicted/ tangled with it he just need a strong mind setup for giving up smoking.
  • If it is your old friend giving company in your bad time, good time or idle time had been since a long and became strong habit then say your old friend that you are not so weak to be well. Tell your friend, ‘No longer I am so younger or emotional. I am a complete man, and I don’t need you at any more but thank you so much for giving company for a long time. I’ll never ever forget your love and caring. But I want to be self-dependent from now and on-wards.’
  • One thing is still unexplained about a cigarette that is never and ever avoided. ‘When our body is completely okay or feels better then it needs nicotine’ says renowned Bengali novelist Humayoon Ahmed. But why it so necessary to human body? Not only human body, but all the bio-diversity of the universe wants to say thanks for being well on the earth. And its natural behavior among the overall animals in the world. But human may take the way of saying thanks in different way like burning a cigarette. Man says, ‘thank you’ to himself through the smoking. But if a man could thank to eternal existence according to his belief then he don’t have a cigarette at any more.


So Let’s have another cigarette.

Writer: Sabbir Ahmad

City University of Bangladesh

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  1. Md. Mahmud-Un-Nabi says:

    Is there any other option for refreshing our mind and neuron except burning a cigarette? I also know something about but I want to know your other expert opinion. You can call me a chain smoker also.

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