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Result published on April 27, 2020.

Selection Process:

Applied: 100 Candidates

Question sent: 80 candidates

Received: 12 answer

Reviewed: 12 Candidates

Selected:  4 candidates

Prize money giving date: May 10, 2020

Date Delayed and Prize money sent on May 15, 2020

Next article for selected Candidates: May 10, 2020 (Delayed)

We will send topic within few days, we will notify through email.

Always remember that it wasn’t destiny that you have been selected as our article writer. It was your courage and desire to make your own destiny that pushed you forward. Congratulations.

Selected Candidate(s):

  1. Tanjima Pima Email:

Article Link: Weight loss strategies of success. -Dr. Tanjima


 Grammar: Excellent, Plagiarism:  0%, Spelling Mistakes: 0%, Article Length: Good

  1. SM Nazif Email:

Article Link: Not published. We are working on it.


Grammar: Good, Plagiarism:  0%, Spelling Mistakes: less than 1%, Article Length: Good

  1. Meherin Mohsin Email:

Article Link: Best foods that boost your mood and immune system.


Grammar: Average, Plagiarism:  2%, Spelling Mistakes: less than 7%, Article Length: Good

  1. Tahsina Zaman Ayonee Email:

Article Link: Not published. We are working on it.


Grammar: Average, Plagiarism:  16%, Spelling Mistakes: less than 1%, Article Length: Excellent


You know, it’s a part time job. Due to corona Virus Pandemic our articles are on hold. We are working on it. Now we are designing our articles and are not collecting new article. But we will start article collection as soon as possible. Maybe it could be 30 days delay.

Please send us your Mobile number within May 10, 2020 at:


Or Send SMS at

Mob: 01552641616

We will call you on May 10, 2020 and give the prize money. Alone with the prize money we will give you next topic to write.

Wishing your all the best.



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Signature of Admin


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