Social and Economic impact of COVID-19

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Social and Economic impact of COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 is very lucid to all classes of people in our society these days. COVID-19 has changed the scenario of the old standing of society besides economic structure.

Panic of COVID-19 has been attacked among the people of society which was created from the fear of expansion of the COVID-19 virus. People have started keeping their distance from relatives and friends. Keeping this type of social distance is leading them to a non-cooperative behavior soon. If this continues for a few more years, they will become a conscienceless and inter-centric nation.


On the other hand, professional people have been harmed in this pandemic. Employees have lost their jobs, businessmen have lost their business. The country now has a downward domestic production environment. If the workers of our country do not get proper job opportunities then the domestic production target will not be met.

Even after being informed that the domestic production target is not going to be achieved, then the initiatives like giving incentives to entrepreneurs or industrialists means there will be nothing of an effective result but attempts to default on them after a certain period.

Since COVID-19 has pushed our economy back a lot, it needs to be restructured considering a fruitful plan with the utmost care.


Writer: Sabbir Ahmed

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