Things that Make a Man Attractive to Women

চিত্রঃ প্রিয় মানুষের মনোযোগ আকর্ষণ করবেন যেভাবে।
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Things that Make a Man Attractive to Women

Definitely the ability to attract women is charisma. Charisma can be defining the combination of both charm and confidence. I know it’s difficult to define things that make a man attractive to women, but it’s less about your appearance and more about what you think about yourself. Women will treat you how you treat yourself. Men always try to attract women. We always try to get the answer; what does a woman find attractive in men? You know, women’s psychology and choices vary from women to women, age to age and era to era however there’s some common choice that women find attractive in men. This article is about some things that make a man attractive to girl; the things that a girl want in his man.
To attract a girl, first of all men must have the proper knowledge about women. Her choice, her desire, her passion and her sense of humor. Here in our topic we are going to mention some common things that a woman wants in his man.

Communicate Actively!

Women talk almost three times as much as men talk. Without getting too much academic, just communicate simply. And it is so much effective than academic like communication to attract women. The ability to exchange of ideas, needs, and desires with your women will bw one step beneficial to attract them. Be straightforward and uncomplicated. It’s no secret that women talk more than men, so never react for his talkative nature.

He is strong!

The ability to break teeth and bones is not strength et-all. The strength is the internal fortitude of a man. Your dignity and your confidence is strength that she could speak to others without any arrogance. Before falling in love with a man, a girl always tries to know the physical health/strength, mental health, sense of humor etc. Girls get confused and complicated when she wasn’t sure if her guy is the old-school strong type and/or silent type or if the boy is sensitive and a modern man. More likely girls want a mixture of the both.

He is accessible!

Mentally strong men are always vulnerable and open about his fears, insecurities and anxieties. He always tells to his girl about present and past or what he is afraid of. He should have to try to make the relationship stronger than panther or lion. Women always love a transparent man by nature. Without transparency there could not be any love or relationship.

Skip the razor for a while not too long!

Most women seem to love beards. Skip razor and grow your beard. Make some smart design of your beard, never make a long beard.

Crack a lot of jokes!

Women like guys with good and positive sense of humor. Sense of good jokes represents smartness of partner. Though humor doesn’t correlate with intelligence but women always contrast your intelligence with your sense of humor. Jeffrey Hall believes that humor may simply show that a man is sociable.

Play an instrument!

Men, those who can play musical instrument are the crush or women, isn’t it?the journal Psychology of Music says, Men’s ability of playing music increase his attractiveness to women in real-life courtship.
For research purpose a boy first time appeared empty handed. The second time he appeared with a sports bag and the third time, he was with a guitar case. Compare and contrasting it showed that when the boy at the third time appeared with a guitar more girls focused over him.

He is honest!

Men are different. If you try to pretend to be something that you are not, girls will avoid you. Girls are aware about cheap tricks of boys. They believe that boys always play with girls. You must be honest to your girl. Without honesty you may won a girls love but it will diminish within a short time. Real men knows the worth of women they do not misuse them.
The day has changed. Love is no longer a playing puppet. Girls now want honesty among their lovers rather than anything else.

Intellect is sexy!

You have an expensive car or latest version of i-phone. In this 20s century, it will not attract a girl. Girl always wants an intelligent boyfriend. Intelligence is the power, Intelligence is the love.

Warm enough!

Compassion and empathy is not only going with women. Attractive guys have these qualities equally as women. Women always love and like smiley men. After long time work if you smile at your woman it will be all for her. Kindness is sexy, be kind with your beloved. It will strengthen her love and affection for you.

Generous and wise!

Girls dislike stingy men. Stinginess is big obstacle in love. Not only stingy with daily costing but also stingy with feelings and love is an obstacle. Girls may love pauper but never love a stingy men. To conquer love men must be open minded, generous and wise. Stingy men aren’t good lovers. Always try to save some money for future and discuss it with your girl it will help you to get a girls heart. Ant the girl will thin you are friendly and sharing every bit with her. If your behavior shows a hint of miser then forget about your love and girl. Girls always keep distance with stingy men.

Your affection turns her on!

Affection shows you as warm guy. Girls love kisses, a soft kiss on hand shows your affection. Always hold the hand your woman while walking, hug her a little. All this will make your girl blind for you and your love. Girls love the men who loves touches, touches is sexy, touches is love.

He is smart and intelligent!

Girls love ambitious men but not overly ambitious people. A confident man is the man whom every girl wants and love; a man who can take charge in the middle of any crisis is what all women dream about. By looks or attitude you must be pretend yourself both smart and intelligent. To girls intelligence is more important than your smartness.

We are equal and individual!

While you speak or discuss of any types of commitment treat her as equal as you. Treat her like she is everything to you. Being dominated by men is not girl’s choice. They disallow domination in their life. Cool guys never dominate her girl, but he loves her and respects her. Women have no time for the guy who have no affection and caring for his girl. guys those who treat their girl that they are individual by body but equal by heart are happy all around the world. Love and respect is the pre requirement for being in a relationship.

Ability to do and understand things women can’t!

Women love to be independent. They hate to seek help from other. Women think they can do everything, they have the ability. Women Likes the guy who always inspire them. Inspiration is the breath of every relationship.


Being a man that represents these attributes will make you more attractive to women. You have to be aware that girls/women do not like men for physical needs. The most important thing is she wants to feel secure, regarded and loved. Those things are in the context of the above list will help make a woman fall and stay in love with you. Enjoy your happy moment with your beloved. always keep these mentioned Things that Make a Man Attractive  to Women in your mind and we are sure that you will be succeed to gain attraction from women.  Cheers! go and love.

TO me cool with woman you need to make your mental health cool. Mentally healthy Man can attract girls than other people. There’s some factors that disturbs mental health, you must know them.

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