Tips to maintain good mental health and its effectiveness.

Tips to maintain good mental health and its Effect.
Tips to maintain good mental health and its Effect.
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Tips to maintain good mental health and its effectiveness

The absence of diagnosable disease is not well mental health at-all. It is like taking care of physical health. The ability to learn, feel, express and manage the negative and positive emotions is the key to maintain good mental health. Mental health is important from childhood to adulthood. As it helps to live a stress free life. In Other word, Mental health is a state of well-being. With this a person understands his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life. He/She can work productively and is able to make a contribution to Their community and surroundings. The article is established with some tips to maintain stress free good mental health and the way to deal with problems and false doings.

•Good opinion of thyself

According to renowned health experts, self-esteem is the key against difficulties in life. It is said that self-motivation is the best motivation. People those who have self-esteem have more confidence over their capabilities. Keeping good and positive opinion is of yourself is most effective for keeping stress free mental health.

•Learn to forgive yourself

Always think positively. If we dwell on the past then we cannot enjoy the present. Let the past go and enrich your present with love, happiness, laughter, fun. Learn from the past and be kind enough to yourself. Being happy and moving forward in life requires letting the past go. Remember, past always kills present and present build the past and future. If you make you present colorful then the past will be colorful. So, let the past go and be the king of present and build the future. It will fill your heart with satisfaction and satisfaction leads to mental peace.

 •Take care of yourself

Self caring is so important. Make sure you take good care of yourself, your body, mind and soul; not just when you get sick but every day. Taking care of yourself or a friend is not only prevents diseases but also keeps us happy and cheerful.   Daily exercise, eating right foods, making fun, being organized, reading books and self-cooking is self-care. Regular meditation can help achieve better mental health, and lead to a more meaningful and cheerful life.

•Eating Habits helps mental health

Diet plays a significant role for mental health. A healthy and balanced diet is important for good health. If you need help with this, you can read our article about “healthy diet” or you can also consult a nutritionist for a personalized guide for your health. If you eat more than your body need then the calorie generated for over eating will increase your weight, in the other hand if you eat little than you need then you will lose weight.

•Regular Exercise

Exercise is some activity to develop or maintain physical fitness and overall health. It is said “Health is wealth”. Regular and time to time exercise is important to maintain physical and mental fitness including healthy weight, building healthy bones and maintaining it, muscles, and joints of bones, promoting physiological well-being, reducing surgical risks and strengthening the blood circulation system.  Exercise plays a positive and important role in your mental health. Physical exercise reduces anxiety and stress and put one in a good mood. Good mood arouses good mental health.

•Develop relationships

Good and lovely relationship is the other name of happiness. Developing proper and reliable personal relationships is very beneficial to mental health. So, work to develop a very good relationship with the people around you. At home, near or far, at work or in your community just establish a very good and friendly relationship. It will enrich your life with love and happiness. Also it will provide you with great support.

•Manage stress

Stress is a normal feeling of human brain and it is a part of life. Also it is a feeling of emotional and psychological tension. Stress is body’s reaction to a challenge. In a short stress could be positive or negative. But you must learn to deal with it in order to maintain good mental health. It is a psychological respond for tension.

Psychological researchers categorized it (stress) into two types-

  1. Acute stress

  2. Chronic stress

•Enjoy the present

Focus on the present rather than past.  It will make your life more pleasant. If you cannot enjoy your present in the right time then it will become past. Missed present may cause frustration and frustration leads to stress. Living in the present modifies our brain and our mental health. Researchers say that we realize the importance of something when it is no longer. Just find your purpose, the purpose of life.  We are prone to anxiety, boredom and dissatisfaction without a purpose in life. And present is the best time to enrich ones future.  So enjoy the present. Present is the life, future is the hope and past is nothing.

•Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep causes emotional and psychological problems. It affects the mental health. Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Always try to get 8 hours of sleep. Try to sleep at fixed time. Breaking of sleep time may causes psychological stress and it will hamper your day to day activities.

 •Have fun

Having fun and taking time to laugh is an effective way in staying mentally healthy. Both at work and in life having more fun improves relationships and It reduces stress and makes people smarter. It makes people youthful and energetic. There a proverb, “age doesn’t matter to make fun”. Joking with friends and family is the most effective way to make fun and it make laughter.

•Help people and get help ( to maintain good mental health)

Man cannot live alone. In life, you may need to ask for help. If so, never ever hesitate! Though it takes courage to ask for help but it can change your whole life. At some stages of life we feel alone but there are many people around us to help. Always determine to help people. Helping people is a great virtue and it will increase mental happiness


 Mental health is something that affects every living human living in the world, young or old alike. We often misunderstood Mental illness. Mental illness is one kind of disease that is just in the head. If this is true, the Government would not have made mental health an important part of their policy to raise awareness. Although research has shown healthy living, good nutrition, regular exercise, positive attitude, taking care of body can improve your physical and mental health. Research also suggests “an individual’s biological and psychological can play an important role in  developing Mental wellness.

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