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  1. Is fast-food consumption a problem among adolescents? Discuss with key points. (Booked by: Ruhana Atree)
  2. Are wild mushrooms okay to eat? (Booked by Afroz Helal)
  3. When is it time for my daughter’s first gynecologist visit? (Booked by: Proma Bashak)
  4. Annual health screenings: Your key to better health. (Writer: Fazilatun Nesha Tanvi) published on 20/10/2021
  5. Nutritional supplements! Are plant-based meats healthy? (Booked by: Jobaida Nasrin Jaya)
  6. Thin people can get Type 2 diabetes. How to have a diabetes-friendly Thanksgiving? (Booked by Mayisha Zahin)
  7. Teens and social distancing: How to help your kids deal? How to talk to your kids? (Booked by Asif)


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Weight loss strategies for success. -Dr. Tanjima

Short-term blood pressure? Its variability phenotype, changes & risks.