factors affecting mental health and welbeing.

Factors of mental health
Factors of mental health
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Factors that are affecting mental health. 

In life, there are some factors that can have collision on or over our mental health or factors affecting our mental health. These factors can be risky to protect your (our) mental health and wellbeing. Within this passage I’ve discussed about the Factors affecting mental health with some reference and links from renowned website.

At some point most people feel worried, stressed and down. Lacking’s of something may affect our moods, enough energy, some vitamins, drinking too much alcohol or sugar can cause anxiety, headaches and nausea. Each and every one is different. Though we all are living in varying circumstances, risky factors are also different for everyone and changes the factors in the age circle child, teenager, adult or older. You can improve your mental health and wellbeing by reducing and, or building protection in the risky factors in your life.

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I tried to categorize the Factors that disturb mental health here is the most pressing topics for you:

  • Loneliness factors affecting mental health

Loneliness is an emotional state of experiencing of feeling alone. It is a psychological response of one’s emotional state of brain. Loneliness leads to sit alone and, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone it is one of the most studied factors affecting mental health. Literally loneliness is like killing ourselves .It makes people mentally ill and unhealthy. There goes a proverb, “Lonely brain is the Satan’s state”. One in four adults are lonely in Australia and In America near one quarter to one half people feel lonely in a certain time of a day or period; and  now a days it is increasing alarmingly.  Feeling lonely may hamper our day to day activities and lead us towards frustration.  Research shows that the strongest person feels lonelier than other. Here I’ll quote from Ibsen, “The strongest men are the most alone.” Feeling Lonely is an alarming factor for Human brain and psychology.

  • Poor physical health factor

Health is the key to all happiness. Physical fitness is essential for mental well-being. Those who are mentally ill suffer from some form of physical impediment. Being happy means being healthy, so the only condition for happiness in life is to maintain one’s health. Health is wealth and vice-versa. Physical health is the condition of body. Poor physical health can have a negative impact on a person’s outcomes in life. always keep in mind psychical  health factors affecting mental health. factors An unhealthy man remains depressed and depression leads towards mental illness. Researches on mental health shows- Physically ailing people mostly suffers from mental illness. People who have compromised physical health are experiencing mental illness. If the mind is worried then health becomes worse. Likewise, if the health is not good, the mind cannot be happy.

  • Retirement from work

Retirement from work may cause anxiety. When the only family member retires, he suffers from worrying about his family. And all these thoughts are enough to make you mentally ill slowly. We indulge in compassion by spending long days with a particular group. And whenever we retire, we feel lonely; On the other hand, income is reduced. Many of us are worried that we are going to look after the children in the last age. If our children neglect us then how will the rest of our lives go? Thinking such types of the future leads to mental turmoil.

  • Lack of purpose or meaning in life

Most of us have no purpose or aim what we want to do with our lives, even after we finish school and, or graduation. Aimlessness is a factors affecting mental health. We are just surviving and, or living without any purpose. Lacking of purpose is a notable cause of being mentally unhealthy. Ask yourself; what are life and its purpose?  Experiencing a lack of purpose in life, you may feel constantly dissatisfied or bored; like life has no meaning, you may feel empty. Lacking of purpose may causes hopelessness and makes you desperate and unable to find enjoyment of life. Life without purpose is alike a boat without rudder. The purposeless life is the home of human misery and psychological stress.

  • Death of a loved one

Those we love never leave us; or even death cannot separate loving heart. Everyone reacts and possesses differently to the death of loved one. Coping with the death of loved one is a great challenge. Being sad and upset is normal after the death of loved one. But being angry at yourself and feeling lonely will create pressure on your psychological health.  Take time silently; life moves on, it doesn’t mean you must forget the person- just cope with the death of the loved one. Think the positive memories with him/her. Grief  affects mental health.

  • The end of a relationship

Most people walk in and out of life but the loved one leave memories. It is hard to forget the person we love. The end of love is one of the major causes of being frustrated. Frustration leads to the end of life. After the breakup you may feel as if you don’t even know yourself anymore, life has become meaningless. In such a circumstance family and friends can be wonderful social supports; without support one may loss his tract of life.  Hesitation on discussion of emotional state with near and closed personnel may be the cause of mental disturbance.

  • Miscarriage affects mental health

Losing a baby at any stage of pregnancy can be very difficult to come back from. The woman knows mental and psychological pain. Though both husband and wife feel the pain of miscarriage, but it is more frustrating for the wife. You may be emotionally and mentally disturbed after a pregnancy loss. Its an emotional state or factor of mental health disturbance. After pregnancy loss woman usually feel alone, blame herself,  thinks negatively, feels abnormal, ignores emotional needs, loose sexual interest with partner,  worried about others thinking about her and ignores surroundings.  Feeling alone pressurized mentally and she became mentally ill. Not only the Mom become mentally disturbed but also the father of the miscarriages baby becomes frustrated and mentally unhappy.

  • Loss of a job

Losing job is devastating. Most of the people think losing a job is losing everything. In a 1998s Study of Richard H. Price, professor of psychology at the University of Michigan’s Institute says “When they lose that (Job), they lose a lot”. The effects of losing a job can be a reason of depression; depression makes mentally paralyzed.

Factors of mental health

factors affecting mental health

  • Unemployment

 Unemployed stage is a stage of depression. Unemployment causes poor health and mental condition. It is the pre and, or initial stage of anxiety. Half of the unemployed people thought that they had social support from family but sometimes they were neglected by the family and the must do something. These types of thought lead to mental unhappiness.

  • Loss of business

Stress turns into depression. Losing of business is a stressful experience. And it arouses mental stress.  Mental situation became worse after loss of business. Some describe is as a dark whole where no man can’t return. Some others think it as a curse and a devil eyes over them. By nature we took losing of business as a failure For these reasons, we are breaking the mold. We lose the power of our inner soul. Being broken means losing yourself. We lose ourselves by losing of business.

  • Losing a way of life

What you love to do, go and do it. Losing a way of life means to lose one’s sense of self psychologically and self-identity crisis. We think more of the negative side. Negative thoughts make nest in our soul. Negativity is like a cancer. Losing is job, family and a work palace doesn’t mean your life is punished and you will never get back yourself again. Whether we think such, happiness of life will diminish. Dimension of inner happiness is a sign of mental illness. losing a way of life can be said as social factors that affecting mental health, and it always disturbs psychologically.

  • Children leaving home

Who doesn’t love his/her child? For educational of job purpose our children may leave home. Leaving from home is not leaving forever. We cannot accept the child going away. When the child goes away it seems lost. As a result of our thinking we become mentally and lose our mental strength. Remember you have the power to be yourself. When the child goes away, many or few thoughts and fears may arouse. Don’t be twisted about these fears. Children leaving home is a emotional condition and  defined as biological factors affecting mental welbeing. The emotional turmoil will come only after being twisted and sometimes we cannot cope with this turmoil; and become mentally frustrated.

  • Infertility affects mental health

Parenting is the major transitions in adult life. Both men and women want to be proud parent. But in failure of these- Stress, anxiety, depression and psychological disturbance are common. Infertility is associated with chronic state of anxiety and depressive symptoms of human psyche. More than 70 percent of women believe that mental health problems can have negative effect on fertility. But there is no science proof. It’s just a saying. On the other hand infertility could be a cause of mental health disturbance. Most of the man or woman those who are suffering from infertility become depressed. Depression disturbs mental health. Infertility causes psychological disturbance, it also affect your mental health.

  • Separation from friends and family

Everyone feel anxious when they say/hear goodbye. Separation from friends and family cause’s anxiety, separation is a mental and psychical disorder. This disorder is known as Separation anxiety disorder (SAD). We experience these types of disorder when we came to an end of a relationship with friends, family, well-wishers and Beloved/lover. After a separation we feel alone. Loneliness causes depression. Sometime we blame ourselves for a separation and we remain mentally unsatisfied.

  • Sadness affects mental health

A new study suggests- sadness might be linked to increased chitchat between two areas of the human brain.  Sadness is a mental and emotional pain. Grief brings frustration. Frustration is the cause of turmoil. When we are in distress, we become frustrated. We use to stress the mind by thinking about our misery. And it is Resulting psychotic disturbance. We think grief as a curse. Once we get into trouble, we think life is over here. Our lives are worthless. Because of such thoughts we suffer from depression that causing mental disturbance. Depression increases physical illness. the man who are psychologically ill are mentally ill. psychological illness is an emotional state the affecting mental health.

  • Anger

Anger is the emotional antagonism of feelings. It means mental disaster. Anger kills our mind and it rattles the feeling. As a result, our mind goes to the bottom. We make the wrong decision.

  • Sexual assault – and rape

Rape is the worst experience of a girl. . They are always feeling worried about their future and their social status. It seems to them like prison, all around. They always survive with mental sufferings, thinking that society will not look them positively. Every moment of their life seems like a poison to them. And thus raped girl became mentally unhealthy.

  • Sexuality factors affecting mental health

Proper understanding of the sexuality can be confusing. Homophobia and trans-phobia leads to mental anxiety to gay and lesbian people. On the other hand, boys and girls those who masturbate are suffer from depression and loneliness. These anxieties can have a negative impact on mental health.

  • Sleeping problem is a factors affecting mental health

Early to bed and early to rise is the pre-requirement for good mental and physical health. Immature sleep creates turmoil in the mind. Sleeping less than needs hampers psychological activities. People with sleeping problem are unable to concentrate work properly or effectively. Sleep disorder loose strength of body and strength-less body is like a statue without visitor.

  • Drug use and alcohol

Using or taking substance like alcohol is one of the factors of mental health disturbance. Depression is common among the people those who have an addiction to drugs or alcoholic substance. Depressed people used to drink and abuse drugs to lift their mood. Taking those substances hey tries to escape from feelings of guilt or despair but it makes them more depressed. Drug addiction changes brain chemistry and causes mental disorder.

  • Fear factors affecting mental health

Fear may cause mental disorder. If you become frightened then you will grub yourself. Recently because of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak most of the people are frightened.  As if, fear is one kind of mental disorder but it can be cured by proper meditation.

  • Conclusion

These are the most discussed factors that affecting mental health; these factors can causes mental, physical and psychological illness. We should avoid such types of deeds to be mentally happy. Everyone experiences with worse time in life. To lead a happy and healthier we should try to cope with these experiences. If we collapse down the devil will grub us.

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