Self-Harm? Causes of self-harm. How to get rid of it.

causes of self harm in young adults
causes of self harm in young adults
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Self-Harm? Causes of self-harm. How to get rid of it


To damage or hurt one’s own body deliberately has become a very common trend in our society. Especially young adults or teenagers are involved in this type of self-harming behavior due to anger, depression, sadness, and many other reasons.

Since, depression, betrayal, anxiety, crime, etc. are increasing, people are leaning towards self-harm or suicide. In this generation, it is really essential to get rid of this kind of harmful activity to lead a happy and peaceful life. It is said that self-harm is the pre-stage of comiting sucide.

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Want to get rid of these types of self-harm activities? Well, stay with us and read this article carefully. And hopefully, you will receive a good lesson about the causes of self-harm for leading a peaceful life.

What is self-harm?

Basically, self-harm is causing damage to oneself by hitting, cutting, scratching, burning, biting, and many other injuries. It is mainly done secretly or in a private place without knowing his/her family friends and, or well-wishers.

People choose the way of self-harming to deal with their painful and emotional feelings, which they don’t want to share with others.

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However, repeating self-harming activities over and over might leave permanent scars and scratches. Also, it destroys the peace of mind and takes valuable time and energy.

Causes of self-harm

Generally, there are several reasons which lead to self-harm tendency. There is no fixed reason and it can vary from person to person. In adolescence, any kind of horrible experience might lead to self-harm.

  • Bullying

Bullying or cyberbullying in this modern era has become one of the major concerns in our society. it is one of the major causes of self-harm. It has a negative impact on one’s mental health. Children are the main victims of bullying in their schools and surroundings.

Those who are bullied on a regular basis by their society often feel lonely, hopeless, irritated, and upset. Many teenagers end up hurting themselves for being bullied or rejected by a particular person or a group of people.

  • Mental depression

According to several types of research, it is one of the most common mental health disorders in our everyday life. It affects both our body and mind equally. People tend to harm or punish themselves to deal with their emptiness, frustration, and sadness.

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  • Anger

In many cases, people express their anger and overwhelming situations by harming themselves. Anxiety, depression, betrayal, etc. might lead to anger that makes a negative impact on his/her life.

Anger is really a powerful emotion that leads to crime and other harmful activities like self-injury and also suicide. If it’s not handled properly, then it can cause serious damage to anyone’s life.

  • Excessive drug and addiction

Misuse of drugs and alcohol gives rise to self-harm tendencies and other issues. Excessive drugs and alcohols trigger the underlying situations which leads to overthinking, anxiety, instability, and other impulsive actions.

People tend to take dangerous steps like self-harming by losing control of their minds. So, the effect of addiction to drugs and alcohol cannot be overlooked.

  • Trauma

Trauma basically occurs due to a sudden event like physical abuse, death, or domestic violence. Such types of accidents may shake or change the view or thoughts of anyone at any time.

Such bad experiences may change the mind state to frustration, mood swing, and mental discomfort as well. Self-punishment is the physical sign of experiencing trauma consistently from childhood.

  • Rejection and betrayal

Rejection from family, friends, lover, office, and society causes intense emotional pain in our day to day life. But this pain does not end in our mind easily. It pushes us towards mental agony, fragile mind, arrogant behavior, and punishing ourselves both physically and mentally.

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How to get rid of self-harming?

Any kind of incident may occur in our life at any moment, which is very natural. But we should know how to handle it in a positive way so that we can live a healthy and peaceful life.

We have to move on gradually without any self-harm. Now you might ask how to get rid of self-harming? Well, here are a few suggestions to deal with the pain and depression without hurting yourself.

  • Be self-confident

Under no circumstances and situations, you shouldn’t let down your self-confidence. When you learn to value yourself, you will be able to keep away from hurting yourself.

  • Be optimistic

Always try to be optimistic and evaluate the situations in a positive way rather than thinking negatively. Avoid the negatives and surround yourself with a positive environment.

  • Share your feelings

Sharing your thoughts and feelings with your close ones helps to get rid of pain and anxiety. Moreover, speaking to your best friend or family members will allow you to get a solution or advice to deal with your problems.

  • Distract yourself

Try to distract yourself and that will definitely help to resist the urge to harm yourself. Watching movies, listening to songs, going for a walk, doing favorite pastimes, or spending time with friends will lessen your internal pain and suffering.

  • Do yoga and exercise

Yoga and calming exercises are very effective to release tension and stress from the body and mind. Try out some breathing and calming exercises when you are feeling pain, anxiety and stress.

  • Read mental health books and blogs

Read various journals, blogs, and books related to mental health and happiness. These types of writings will help to motivate you to make your life beautiful with positive and good vibes.

  • Control yourself

When you are surrounded by negativity and distress, control yourself, and avoid engaging in the problems that destroy your peace of mind. Tolerating and keeping yourself under control will save you from anxiety and anger.

  • Try to accept

Always remember that not everyone will understand your feelings and emotional pain. You need to learn to accept every situation and practice several self-care activities for making yourself comfortable and relaxed.

  • Soothe and mollify yourself

To comfort yourself, try different methods to express the intense emotion and pain. Listen to calm music, get a night of sound sleep, change your surroundings, or write diaries to bring peace of mind.

These types of activities will definitely help you to keep relaxed while having unpleasant and difficult situations

  • Find new techniques to change the sensation

By doing some sensational activities, you can replace the feeling of hurting yourself. Clapping the hands, taking shower with cold water, chewing something, massaging your hands, rubbing ice cubes can help to reduce the tendency of cutting or scratching yourself.

  • Seek for help

Last not the least, one must seek help whenever you’re in the urge of hurting yourself to deal with the negative sides. Consult with a trustable therapist or undergo a professional treatment, if you really want to overcome the habit of self-harming.

Express your feelings towards a counsellor or psychologist and follow the proper treatment and medication sincerely. It’s very important that you take care of yourself through the right counseling to get rid of self-harming and mental depression.

Final Words

Hopefully, the above mentioned approaches will help you, if you’re suffering from self-harm habits. But if it doesn’t work, don’t worry. Try other techniques and ideas, which will help you to resist doing this kind of act.

There is a strong link between self-harm and depression, anger, guilt, and ignorance. And it is not a matter of shame. So, immediately seek help and share your problems with your loved ones or keep contact with consultants of the respective departments.

Also, help others, if anyone around you is struggling with any kind of mental health issues. Always remember that peace of mind ensures a healthy mind and body.

Writer: Anika Bushra

Reviewed and edited by Al-Resalat

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